Weekly Shot: Elegance


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Weekly Shot: Cool down in Florida Springs

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It’s just the beginning of April…The temperature rises to 85° in Florida. To visit one of the springs will be an ideal option for the weekends! I did not do any watersports(I was filled with regrets,though) when I was there. My mind was seized by the springs. My eyes could not turn away. I was not able to escape from the beauty of water, never.

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Weekly Shot


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Weekly Shot: Snowy Egret in Flight

QQ截图20150320194447The number of birds decreases since the temperature rises up this month. Probably many of them have flown to the north.

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Weekly Shot: A Little Blue Heron’s Posing

QQ截图20150305212008One thing I love about birds is that each pose creates a funny image.

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Weekly Shot: A Mother Duck in Spring


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Weekly Shot: Ibis in Flight

QQ截图20150226230142How many poses do they have?

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Funny Facts about Chocolate:Part2

Browsing through Secrets of Chocolate, a documentary episode produced by HowStuffWorks.

Screenshot: Chocolates and Valentine

(Do you feel that the one in the middle look like the lips, requesting a kiss. My mouth’s watering…)

QQ截图20150212210758Let us take a look at the subjects that were interviewed and filmed…I like the way that they dressed up a little to slightly dramatize the scene. And the “stage settings” are kinda special, aren’t they?

QQ截图20150212213608 QQ截图20150212225301 QQ截图20150212214434It is rare to see someone with a long, white beard.

Screenshot: The Cacao God

QQ截图20150212212644The Maya honored the Cacao God. Cacao was believed to be the seeds of wisdom. The drink made from it is magical. Take some when you become nervous, upset and fatigued (We all know it works^o^).

QQ截图20150212223613And scientifically, chocolate does make you feel love.

Screenshot: Chocolate stimulates the release of PEA.

QQ截图20150212223700Maybe these old ads can bring back some memories.

Screenshots: Chocolate and Modern Industries.

QQ截图20150212215351 QQ截图20150212215441As a takeaway for this film: ladies and gentlemen, don’t feel so guilty when you want to have some chocolate next time. You know, it’s human nature that we love it!

Part1 on this film:https://lin2012.wordpress.com/2015/02/16/funny-facts-about-chocolate-part1/

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Weekly Shot: Sometimes You See …

Sometimes you saw some CARS when you walked by…QQ截图20150220230356QQ截图20150220230432


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Funny Facts about Chocolate: Part1

Browsing through Secrets of Chocolate, a documentary episode produced by HowStuffWorks.(add a new word “edutainment” into my vocabulary→_→education+entertainment)

Screenshot from this episode : Chocolate and Roses

QQ截图20150212210901If I am the host, I will open with this: Let me introduce you to our legendary hero Chocolate from the old time to our day! It has a role in so many things you may not know. I will show you my notes(from the film).

1.Chocolate gets you drunk
2.Chocolate invented counterfeiting
3.Chocolate sunk the spanish empire
4.Chocolate can save the rainforest
5.Chocolate invented the weekend
6.Chocolate wins wars
7. Chocolate keeps you safe
8.Chocolate invented microwave oven

Basically, this film throws out a fresh point in every section and seeks historical facts to support it. Stories all revolve around the points above.

Screenshots: The Cacao fruit, alien shape

QQ截图20150212213542ERRRR…Stickyyyy…QQ截图20150212211238 It is a smart way to make things clear by presenting the cross section of the fruit. This illustration is very descriptive.  You may have an idea of which part we normally take from the cacao fruit.

QQ截图20150212212132Screenshot: People of Central America use the pulp to make wine since ancient days.QQ截图20150212212313Screenshot : There was a time that chocolate beans were the currency.

QQ截图20150212213748_副本_副本Have you become intrigued (or say, curious) with this film? Take a look!

Part 2:https://lin2012.wordpress.com/2015/02/21/funny-facts-about-chocolatepart2/

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